This project was started in June 2015 in Sylvania Township. Kirk and his team began with the excavation into the side of a ravine to a depth of 25-30′. Slowly digging down in a stair step fashion in order to build forms for concrete footers. Construction was very tedious working into the side of the ravine with only one side to access the project. Supplied by the customer with blue prints, Kirk oversaw the entire project from the beginning to the end. The team placed PVC & drain sleeves, into the floor. The 2 story structure was all natural stone.  Kirk coordinated with subcontractors for heating, electrical, water, and the company that installed the Arcadia  glass greenhouse. In the final stages we installed the steel deck walkway for access from the porch of the home to the greenhouse. The 2 story structure includes, sound system, LED lighting, TV, grow lights and so much more. The project was completed in February of 2016.


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