Types of Stone

Types of Stone

We Offer Several Types of Stone Application for all Types of Projects

Stone masonry incorporates the use of many types of stones in a variety of ways to bring extra beauty to your home. Having several types of stone from which to choose gives you options for the look and feel of your home. Kirk Wylie Masonry recognizes the importance of knowledge in the application of all types of stone.

What Stones for Stone Masonry Projects can we Offer?

Kirk Wylie Masonry offers a wide range of project types from outdoor kitchens to fireplaces to stone walls and mailboxes. We also offer different stones for each project. Among the types of stones offered by Kirk Wylie Masonry are the following:

  1. natural stone
  2. cultured stone
  3. brick/stone combo

The question is, which type will you choose for your next project?

Kirk Wylie Masonry is a professional stone mason specializing in stone walls, outdoor living spaces, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and stone restoration. Kirk Wylie and his team enjoy interacting with customer ideas by listening to what you want for your stone project and turning it into something that is better that you had imagined! See our past projects for some of the creative work we have done. Our experience and expertise has spanned all project types, allowing us to bring our best to your project. We pay attention to detail like none other.

Contact Kirk Wylie Masonry by phone or email for a free quote. You are also able to get a free stone masonry quote online!