Add to the charm of your home with interior stone veneer Features!

interiors_stoneworkLooking for a way to add character your new home? Or for a way to remodel your current living area?

Adding stone veneer is an excellent way to add character, beauty and value to your home. There are many types of stone veneers that can be used in the creation of your interior stone design. Each type of stone will add a different and unique style to your home or office.

interior_fireplaceStone can be used within your home or office building in a variety of ways. Kirk Wylie Masonry is experienced in adding stone veneers in recreation rooms, kitchens, or entrance foyers. Actually, stone is a welcoming accent to any room in your home or office. A stone bar is a classy addition as well as installing a natural stone floor. A natural or cultured stone veneer fireplace will add warmth, beauty and years of enjoyment.

Stone Fireplaces, bars, walls and so much more!

interior_stone-woodburning-fireplaceWhat better way to make your home a fun, warm & welcoming environment than to add stone veneer features or a stone fireplace!

A stone floor adds a new element to the room by adding texture and color to your home without any work from you! Let us install a natural stone floor for your home, even you will be amazed by the comfortable beauty and elegance it adds to the room.

interior_stone-bar-recroomContact Kirk Wylie Masonry for an interior stone quote today! You can request your free quote online or call us at 419-875-6152. Kirk Wylie can give you the stone interior that you have always wanted in your home.